Victory Cross Country Tree

Victory Cross Country Tree

Retail $650

Trees are 8 degrees for 21", 23" and 26" Front wheels. (26" require upper frame kit.)

Cross Country
Cross Country Tour
Cross Roads Models



Victory Vision Triple Tree Setup

Vision Triple Tree Setup

Retail $650

Vision Triple Tree setups are designed to add 21" wheels and stay at a comfortable factory height.

8 degree design

Victory Crown Gas Cap

Victory Crown Gas Caps

Retail $235

Easy 2 Part Installation! 

2006-2012 - Kingpin
2006 and up - Jackpot, Vegas & Hammer
2010-2014 - Cross Roads
2010 and up - Highball & Cross Country/ Tour
2012-2013 - Hardball
2013-2015 - Boardwalk
2015 and up - Magnum & X1


Victory ABS Ring

Victory ABS Ring

Retail $100

21", 23", 26" & 30" wheels  

Cross Roads
Cross Country Tour
Hard Ball

Indian Chief
Roadmaster models


Victory Floor Boards

Victory Floorboards

Retail $395

Our Premium Victory floorboards feature carbon fiber inlays for that cutting edge design and unique look that only Ruthless Designz offers!

Floorboards are a direct replacement of the factory boards and install in minutes using the OEM hardware or our included mounting hardware. 

Victory Air Ride Kit

Victory XC Air Ride Kit

Retail $550

Everything you need to add air ride to the front of your Victory XC.

This kit replaces your OEM springs with air pistons to slam your bike to the ground with the comfort of air ride.